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"Stacia Kraft is a marvellous singer and versatile artist. She possesses an extraordinary voice of remarkable range, power, and technical control. She has developed this splendid instrument to perform not only the classical operatic and sacred music repertories, but also vernacular styles such as the American Songbook with grace and intelligence as well as sheer performance energy. Stacia is a delight to make music with, a careful and informed interpreter who creates effective and lasting collaborations with her fellow musicians. Whenever and wherever Stacia Kraft performs, she is not to be missed."

Professor Stephen A. Marini, Wellesley College

Master Singer, Norumbega Harmony

Stacia is an amazing voice teacher on so many levels! She helped me to slow down and really focus on vocal and breathing exercises that allow the body to produce the voice's best and natural sound.

She was honest yet encouraging, therefore establishing a safe environment to learn, take risks, and grow within. Stacia's instruction really helped me to find my voice, which is an amazing gift that only an amazing teacher can give to a student.

Sara Fisher, singer,

Improv Olympic Theater, Chicago

"I went to Stacia with a clear goal in mind, but no strategy to achieve it. Stacia listened to me - to my words, my breath and my voice, over and over again - and I guess she heard me because she took me exactly where I wanted to go."

Karine Poulin, lead singer, Gypsy By Night, Burlington, VT

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