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Your voice matters.
Your vote matters.

Thirty years ago, my boyfriend and I were looking for an affordable place to live and we came to Salem from Boston. We fell in love with the diversity, the urban walkability from our apartment in The Point, the incredible history & architecture, the Willows--all the qualities that draw many of us here.

Since that time, my children have graduated from Salem High School (marching band kids). And I have been working as a self-employed musician, while using my community organizing skills to launch several initiatives in Salem which still provide benefits to both residents and visitors alike.


As a long time resident of this great city, I have seen first-hand the challenges we face--housing affordability, climate change, education, rising taxes, transportation--but also the limitless potential that Salem has to offer. 


One of my top priorities is to ensure that our city is affordable for all residents. This means fighting against development that is out of reach for many of our citizens and advocating for policies that keep housing costs down.


In addition, I am deeply committed to protecting our historic city from the effects of climate change. That is why I oppose building on floodplains to prevent the devastating effects of rising sea levels and increased storm activity.

The serious issues confronting us at this time call for bold and brave ideas, not more bureaucracy delivered by career politicians. Salem is an incredible place to call home, and hardworking generations saw fit to preserve the beauty of Salem for you and me. I invite you all, whether you are new to Salem or a longtime resident, to stand as stewards for future generations. With your help, I know we can make Salem a better place for all of us. Whether it's through volunteering your time, spreading the word about my campaign, or making a donation, your support will be critical to our success.


If you are able to make a contribution to this grassroots campaign, please click a link or write a check to the address below. Your generosity will help us reach more voters, and make sure that our message is heard loud and clear.


Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to working together to make Salem a city we can all be proud of for generations to come.

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