What I plan to do as your Mayor.

Together, we will put our local government back in the hands of the people. We are a socially and economically diverse community that should have balanced representation on all boards and committees. Let's empower these wonderfully diverse voices to direct the agenda and create the best outcomes for the residents of Salem.

The moment for action is now.

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If we focus on making Salem a great place to live,

it will also be a great place to visit.

Planning & Development

Salem is a desirable place to live and healthy development is inevitable and exciting. We have a treasure of beauty in our city that is natural, architectural, and cultural; and preserving it requires thoughtful development. Salem’s stature as an historic and vibrant American city depends on how well we manage our growth process. 

Affordable Housing

The term "Affordable Housing" has been exploited to push development agendas. The reality is that despite all the recent construction in Salem, very little of the housing is affordable to Salem residents.

  • We must change our development processes to benefit Salem and its residents, not just out of town investors and developers

  • Encourage first-time home buyers’ programs and income-based tax abatements for home improvements

  • Housing is a public health issue. We need to coordinate community partnerships to provide people experiencing homelessness with mental health care, treatment for substance abuse disorders, and other social services


We must empower our teachers and invest in our public-school facilities keeping families engaged in Salem public schools through grade twelve. Our children are our future and our school success is primary to the success of our community.

  • We should pursue grants that support our education agenda 

  • We must create responsive leadership with focus on bottom-up communication

  • Our multi-lingual community is a tremendous asset. We should reinvest in our immersive language programs

Environmental Conservation

Due to Salem's coastal location and density, residents are more likely to experience environmental hazards and face exposure to pollution from high traffic, flooding, and other impacts of climate change. 

  • We must amend our Floodplains & Wetlands Ordinance. Residential development on flood zones and in wetlands contradicts the reality of achieving coastal resiliency

  • We must oversee and mitigate the levels of pollution coming from the Footprint power station

  • Plant and maintain more trees in high traffic areas which will mitigate pollution, urban heat and encourage pedestrian activity 

  • We must encourage and support local businesses throughout the city that serve our neighborhoods with necessary products and services. Local walkable businesses are essential to keeping Salem pedestrian friendly

Cultural Heritage

Salem is one of America’s most historic cities with a tourist economy based on our history. This history is culturally rich with the stories of early settlers, the witch trials, maritime trade, revolution, and new immigrants - all still alive in today’s Salem neighborhoods. The current urban renewal movement threatens this cultural diversity.

  • Set aside CPA funds for income-based homeowner historic exterior preservation grants

  • Create maintenance plans for brick sidewalks and cobbled streets 

  • Partner with the local institutions and neighboring towns to broaden the presentation of Salem’s history


City residents suffer health risks of living near sources of pollution like our high traffic areas. We must do a better job with local public transportation.

  • Invest in a cross-town electric bus or trolley service that runs regularly east to west and north to south. This program would benefit residents, students, tourists and local businesses

  • Connect off road bike paths to schools and parks.

  • Advocate for increased MBTA bus service

Participation and Transparency in Government

Transparency is foundational to building trust & community. If we want a Salem for all, we need to remove barriers to participation.

  • Our city website must become user friendly with additional outreach to connect residents without computers, internet access and language accommodations. 

  • Citizen engagement should be encouraged 

  • City boards and committees must have disparate voices represented if we want a Salem for all

  • We need oversight into how our elected officials conduct themselves on all varieties of social media platforms. This is new terrain that needs review and legal parameters