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Protect our Cultural Heritage

Conserve the Environment

Invest in our Schools

Ensure Transparency in Government

"… a dynamic & civic-minded force of nature." 

 Salem Gazette 

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What do I plan to do as your Mayor? 
I will put our local government back in the hands of
 the people. We are a wonderfully diverse community that should have balanced representation on all boards and committees. I am an energetic, creative, results-oriented leader who will work with you for the best outcomes for  Salem.

Preserve our Cultural Heritage

  • We are a diverse community being threatened by corporatization, so we must put in place housing initiatives for all Salem residents, such as a meaningful inclusionary zoning ordinance, limits on short-term rentals, tax incentives for owner-occupied rental units, abatements for home improvements, first-time homeowner programs, investments in senior and low income housing.

  • Salem is a desirable place to live and healthy development is inevitable and exciting. We have a treasure of beauty in our city both natural and architectural, and preserving it requires thoughtful development. Salem’s future depends on how well we manage our growth process.

  • We need to develop an effective yearly/seasonal maintenance plan for our historic infrastructure: sidewalks, roads, parks, cemeteries and municipal buildings.

  • Historic Preservation needs a commitment of education and money. The Historic Commission should offer guidelines and classes for homeowners, residential tax incentives for exterior preservation based on the age of the structure in any location throughout the city.


Protect the Environment 

  • We all agree that we must strengthen our coastal resiliency. Residential development on flood zones and in wetlands contradicts the reality of achieving coastal resiliency. 

  • We must encourage and support the local businesses that serve our community beyond the seasonal tourist trade. Supporting our businesses throughout Salem is essential for Salem to remain a walkable city.

  • We need to do a better job with local public transportation like investing in a cross town electric bus or trolley service. 

Invest in our Schools

  • Salem is a wonderful community and our schools should reflect our diversity and creativity. Unfortunately, our local education policies have not proven successful. Let's prioritize our kids, empower our teachers and invest in our public school facilities. Understanding and communicating the impact of privatization initiatives in our community is important in keeping families engaged in  Salem public schools through grade twelve.

Ensure Transparency in Government

  • Our city  website needs to become user friendly and additional informational outreach must be used to connect those without computers, WIFI etc. The need has been made quite clear during the pandemic. Meetings should be planned to avoid stacked schedules and holidays. Citizen engagement time should not be limited. Sign ups to speak should be eliminated. 

If we focus on making Salem a great place to live,

it will also be a great place to visit. 

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