Stacia Conklin Kraft can paint it, nail it, cane it, cook it, sew it, spin it, sing it--dig it?

other projects in salem: the Community Gardens, Love Salem Schools, & The Plummer Home Garden Project. she has made her home in salem's Point, Bridge Street Neck and the mcintire district-- where she She and her husband are now renovating an eighteenth century home. A professional musician & resident artist, stacia is a picker/hoarder, gardener & jam master.  kids and dog keep the party lively.

Carol Dupont Hedstrom might have the biggest smile of any person you have ever met. She is a power house of design ideas, diy projects, and organizational inspiration.  CArol gets it all done, and in twenty-four hours.  the single mother of three & dog makes four, carol has a keen business mind with an informed eye for design which she has used to renovate three antique houses & create a wonderful life for her family. 

Becky Putnam is a veritable think tank which travels at its own speed and on roads many can't find.  a lady with many talents, becky has lived a life of varied professions-most notably the founder of the bowditch institute.  Becky lives with her partner and their dog, livingston, in a great salem house with a folly. 

Derby Square MARKETtm  is the lovechild of cdp productions: Carol Hedstrom, Stacia Kraft and Becky Putnam. 

the three FRIENDS came together on Derby Square markettm  after collective years of shopping, decorating and serving Salem in many capacities. fROM mAY-octobER, cdp PRODUCTIONS WILL transform the square into a vital marketplace showcasING what Salem is known as around the world -- a vintage american city.


salem, massachusetts

may - october