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The 5th annual Leslie's Retreat events will look a little different this COVID 19 year.

The Leslie’s Retreat Salem Resistance Steering Committee is pleased to announce that on the afternoon of Sunday, February 21, 2021, we will be presenting “Revolutionary Congeniality while Socially Distancing” event programming with both an interactive and a virtual component to celebrate the 246th Anniversary of Leslie’s Retreat. The afternoon will kick-off at 2:30 pm with “A Citywide Bell Ringing’.  At 3:00 pm everyone is cordially invited to join scholar historians, Robert Allison, Peter Charles Hoffer, and Chernoh Sesay Jr. for “Bridging the Divide: Conflict, Violence and Negotiation in 1775 & Today”, a Zoom discussion moderated by Salem’s own public history actor and theater maker, Diana Dunlap, and presented in cooperative concert by The Leslie’s Retreat Salem Resistance Steering Committee and Revolution 250.  Follow the event rollout on our Social Media!

2:30 pm – Call to Assemble, Citywide Bell Ringing

CHURCH BELL RINGING has historical significance here in Salem, and specifically with reference to Leslie’s Retreat. Salem’s church bells regularly rang to summon people to prayer, and on February 26, 1775 the town’s church bells loudly rang to warn town folk that the British were approaching from Marblehead. Churches will be ringing their bells for approximately 15 minutes. Families are encouraged to participate at home with flags & noisemakers. All Salem houses of worship are invited to participate in this community wide event. If you would like more information, please contact Becky Putnam, becky.putnamproductions@gmail.com or 978-601-8725, or Irene Axelrod, iva1910@aol.com or 781-592-1663

3:00 pm - Bridging the Divide: Conflict, Violence, and Negotiation in 1775 & Today 

A curated conversation with historians Robert Allison, Suffolk University; Peter Charles Hoffer, University of Georgia; Cheroh Sesay, Jr, DePaul University, and moderated by Diana Dunlap.  Q&A following. Free and open to the public.


Please RSVP here using ZOOM link.